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Marketing Evaluation

The real estate sales department at Agri Affiliates completes a marketing evaluation on each farm or ranch we list for sale. If you would like to know the sales value of your property, and your marketing alternatives, please call us.

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To develop a marketing evaluation -- Agri Affiliates:

  1. Develops an exhaustive study of factors influencing your property, such as: total acres, acres of each land use, taxes & assessments, water rights, soils, zoning, access, FSA base acres, established yields and program payments, range carrying capacity, hay production and overall ranch balance; and obtains aerial photos, geological maps, cadastral maps, county highway maps, and any other available public information.
  2. Completes a detailed physical inspection of your farm or ranch, to study such items as: access, terrain, physical versus legal boundaries, buildings, livestock water, fencing, irrigation systems & equipment, overall property condition, and all other items affecting capabilities/limitations/ marketability of the property.
  3. Identifies comparable sales in the area of your farm or ranch, then researches and analyzes all factors of that property as above. We then determine the comparability to your property, and the expected sales value indicated by the comparable sales. Legal and financial factors are also considered, including such items as lease status of your property.
  4. Provides a written report to you and any other Owners, including evaluation results and recommendations. Suggests alternative marketing plans, listing and probable sales prices, and methods to maximize marketability of your farm or ranch. Explains the State mandated Seller's house disclosure, lead base paint, and agency disclosure requirements.

If you wish, Agri Affiliates will then list your property, and will work closely with your Attorney and CPA to insure that your best interest is properly served in all regards. We will then proceed with the detailed marketing plan, brochure, and extensive advertising campaign provided by our company to obtain a sale of your farm or ranch.

There is no charge for our Marketing Evaluation Service. This service is our way of insuring that your property is thoroughly understood, and a correct marketing plan is established for your benefit. If you decide not to list your property for sale, Agri Affiliates will simply be happy we have found another friend. Please call for a free marketing evaluation and complete study of your property.

Our free Marketing Evaluation is available to you. Call us today to meet with one of our team members.