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Real Estate Marketing Services & Auctions

Agri Affiliates’ real estate sales service is designed to provide the Seller with professional marketing of real estate in the most effective manner. Our sales service is designed to maximize the sales value of your property, while protecting your legal responsibilities and financial opportunities. We sell farm and ranch real estate by private treaty and at public auction, according to your personal goals.

Your needs and objectives are identified, and your sales goals determined. With the assistance of our managers and appraisers, Agri Affiliates identifies the highest and best use of your property, the probable selling price, and the most likely type of Buyer.

We then develop a detailed marketing plan. Precise written agreements establish the relationship between the Seller, Buyer and Agri Affiliates. An extensive advertising campaign is completed via industry and local newspaper, radio, television, mass mail, and our web site. Agri Affiliates guides the Seller through such requirements as Seller Disclosure Statements, title insurance, easements, surveys, and water rights. Periodic reports to the Seller outline the progress and any adjustments necessary for the timely marketing of your farm or ranch. Our agents write and present offers/counter offers, provide for all negotiations with Buyers, control all earnest money deposits, and close the transaction.

Agri Affiliates provides competent real estate sales professionals. These agents are educated, trained, and experienced. The physical and legal aspects of your property are managed to maximize the net sales value. Our real estate sales team is very capable in the fields of agriculture, advertising, legal and financial considerations, and real estate marketing. We are professionals in the supervision of the sale of your farm or ranch property.

For private treaty or public auction, the Agri Affiliates sales team:

  • Prepares a Marketing Evaluation
  • Develops a Professional Marketing Plan
  • Creates a Detailed Brochure
  • Provides Extensive Advertising
  • Mass Mails Sales Brochures
  • Qualifies Potential Buyers
  • Prepares the Purchase Agreement
  • Advises about Long Term Financing
  • Coordinates Title Insurance and Surveys
  • Completes the Sales Closing


A Guide to Buying and Selling Real Estate