Beemer 80

  • Non-Irrigated Cropland

Notice: SOLD - $776,000.00
Description: This is a high-quality, non-irrigated cropland farm with productive soils. Location on a hard-surfaced road within the heart of some of Nebraska's best livestock feeding country gives this farm great access to manure nutrients and strong local markets!

From Beemer, Nebraska: 1 3/4 miles east on Road N in central Cuming County, Nebraska (northwest of the intersection of Road N and 14th Road).

Legal Description:

The East Half of the Southeast Quarter (E 1/2 SE 1/4) of Section Thirty (30), Township Twenty-Three (23) North, Range Six (6) East of the 6th P.M., Cuming County, Nebraska [79.59 surveyed acres].

Acres: 79.59
Taxes: 2020 - $5,004.99 (estimated)

Subject to a lease for the 2021 crop season.

Natural Resources District:

Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District.


Zook, Belfore, and Moody silty clay loams, with slopes ranging from 0-6%.

FSA Information*:

Total Farmland: 77.59 acres
Total Cropland: 77.59 acres

Government Base Acres:
Corn - 19.20
Soybeans - 19.20

PLC Yields:
Corn - 139
Soybeans - 46

*Estimated based upon proposed acreage split.