Clay County Center Pivot

  • Irrigated Cropland
    Non-Irrigated Cropland

Notice: SOLD - $1,350,000.00
Description: Excellent terrain, water, soils, and equipment. You will be hard-pressed to find a more quality farm!

Property located in central Clay County, Nebraska. From Sutton: go 5 miles west on Highway 6, then 1 mile south on S Road. From Clay Center: go 5 miles east on Highway 41, then 3 miles north on S. Road.

Legal Description:

The Northeast Quarter (NE ¼) of Section Twenty-Three (23), Township Seven (7) North, Range Six (6), West of the 6th P.M., Clay County, Nebraska [162.28 tax-assessed acres].

Acres: 162.28
Taxes: 2018 Taxes - $9,042.20

Subject to a lease expiring on February 29, 2020.

Irrigation Information:

Well Registration: G-007494
Completion Date: 1/23/15
Well Depth: 180 feet
Static Water Level: 76 feet
Pumping Level: 91 feet
Column: 8.62 feet
Gallons/Minute: 800 gpm
Pump: Berkley*
Power Unit: 454 cu-in Natural gas
Flowmeter: Macrometer
Pivot: 2015 T-L
Gearhead: Amarillo 100 Hp, 11:10


* Pump was reworked in 2015 when new well was drilled/cased.

- 2 pivot corners can be gravity irrigated.


Primarily Hastings silt loams and Crete silt loams with exceptional production history. Slopes primarily 0—3 %.

Natural Resource District:

Upper Big Blue Natural Resource District

FSA Information:

Total Farmland: 156.26 acres

Government Base Acres: Corn - 112.21, Soybeans - 37.38

Total Cropland: 156.26 acres

PLC Yields: Corn - 191, Soybeans - 63