D&L Pivots

  • Irrigated Cropland
    Non-Irrigated Cropland

Description: D&L Pivots are located in west central Nebraska at Gandy, 3 miles east of Stapleton and 15 miles west of Arnold. The Pivots are just south of the South Loup River Valley, 30 miles northeast of North Platte.

3 miles east of Stapleton or 15 miles west of Arnold.

Legal Description:

Final legal description to be provided by survey.


Parcel A: 174 tax assessed, deeded acres
Parcel B: 196 tax assessed, deeded acres


Parcel A: 2019 taxes approximately $5,500.00
Parcel B: 2019 taxes approximately $6,500.00

Land Use:

Parcel A: 135 pivot irrigated acres; 27 dry cropland acres and submersible livestock well.
Parcel B: 166 pivot irrigated acres; 36 dry cropland acres


Parcel A has well G-166721 (48 foot pumping level) with John Deere diesel motor, generator and 2013 Zimmatic pivot. Parcel B has well G-038268 (83 foot pumping) with John Deere diesel, generator, plus Zimmatic (2013) and Gifford Hill (windshield) pivots. There are 306 Certified Irrigated Acres in the Upper Loup NRD. Note that fertilizer tanks & pumps, plus Fieldnet system are owned by the Tenant.


Parcel A: $775,000.00
Parcel B: $825,000.00