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Eckhardt Holstein Pivots

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    Non-Irrigated Cropland

Notice: SOLD - $1,709,895.00
Description: Well-managed farm with abundant water, productive soils, and solid equipment. Two 9,000 bushel grain bins with aerations fans included, and good gravel road access to the east and south sides of the farm.

From Holstein, 1 mile west to Constitution Avenue, then 2 miles south on Constitution, then 1/4 mile west on Old Sod Road in southwestern Adams County, Nebraska.

Legal Description:

The East Half (E ½) of Section Five (5) in Township Five (5) North, Range Twelve (12) West of the 6th P.M., in Adams County, Nebraska [320 tax-assessed acres].

Acres: 320
Taxes: 2018 Taxes - $18,777.02

Subject to a lease for the 2019 growing season with tenant rights to store grain in bins until 4/1/20.

Natural Resource District:

Little Blue Natural Resource District [271.80 certified irrigated acres].


Primarily Kenesaw silt loam with slopes from 0-1 %.

CRP Contract Information:

10.83 acres of CRP in north pivot corners with an annual payment of 105.58/acre.

Irrigation Information (North Well):

Well Registration: G-012951
Completion Date: 4/23/1991
Static Water Level: 80 feet
Column: 10 inches
Pump: Lynn Baller
Pivot: 7-tower Valley
Generator: Lima 10 KV
Well Depth: 220 feet
Pumping Level: 120 feet
Gallons/Minute: 1800 gpm
Gearhead: Randolph 80hp, 6:5
Motor: JD 6-cylinder diesel with 2,000 gallon tank

Irrigation Information (South Well):

Well Registration: G-120859
Completion Date: 3/26/2003
Static Water Level: 82 feet
Column: 8.62 inches
Pump: Western Landroller
Pivot: 7-tower Valley
Generator: Lima 10 KV
Well Depth: 220 feet
Pumping Level: 100 feet
Gallons/Minute: 800 gpm
Gearhead: Amarillo 100hp, 6:5
Motor: JD 4-cylinder diesel with 1,000 gallon tank

FSA Information:

Total Farmland: 312.92 acres
Total Cropland: 310.89 acres

Government Acres:
Wheat - 5.47
Corn - 223.96
Soybeans - 5.47

PLC Yields:
Wheat - 35
Corn - 171
Soybeans - 46