Gruber Cattle Co. Ltd. Property

  • Gravity Irrigated
    Dry Cropland with hayland
    Recreational pasture

Notice: SOLD - $1,455,000
Description: Combination property offering highly productive cropland, along with upland meadow, and pasture that has good fencing and tremendous recreational amenity.

Located 1 mile northwest of Elwood on State Highway 23

Legal Description:

Parts of Section 1 and 12, located north and east of State Highway 23, all in T7N-R23W of the 6th P.M., Gosper County, Nebraska, AND part of Section 6, T7N-R22W of the 6th P.M., Gosper
County, Nebraska

Acres: 407.39
Taxes: 2020 Est Real Estate Taxes - $14,423
Property Description:

The property consists of approximately 407.39 taxed assessed and surveyed acres. The farm in-cludes gravity irrigated and dry cropland with hay land, recreational pasture and building

Farm Service Agency Information:

Total Cropland - 252.29 Acres. Government Base Acres - Corn, 171.4 acres w/PLC yield of 181 bu/acre. Wheat, 6.2 acres w/PLC yield of 40 bu/acre, Grain Sorghum, 1.0 acre w/PLC yield of 77 bu/acre, Soybeans, 11.6 acres w/PLC yield of 52 bu/acre. All base acre information is subject to Farm Service Agency rules and regulations.

Building Improvements:

Includes a barn, 40ft x24ft metal vehicle shelter, misc. storage buildings, small grain bins, livestock buildings, and cattle pens and/or corrals, which include a total of 330ft of concrete fence line bunk (Livestock water is provided by a well located on an adjoining property. Continued use and access to this water is not guaranteed by seller.)

Recreational Amenity:

The property is located adjacent to recreational land adjoining the Elwood Reservoir and the recreational pasture of the subject, possesses excellent wildlife habitat.


Cropland soils consist primarily of Class I and II Holdrege silt loams with slopes
of 0-3%, soils of the hay land consist primarily of Class II and III Holdrege and
Uly silt loams with slopes of 0-7% and soils of the recreational pasture consist
primarily of Coly, Uly and Hobbs silt loams with slopes of 3-60%.


This is a unique property offering highly productive cropland along with upland meadow
and pasture that has good fencing and tremendous recreational amenity.