Hayes County Pivots & Range Real Estate Auction

  • Irrigated Cropland

Auction Date: February 28, 2017 at 1:00 pm Central
Auction Location: Hayes County Fairgrounds
Notice: Sold - SOLD: Parcel 1 - $540,000; Parcel 2 - $745,000; Parcel 3 - $265,000; Parcel 4 - $635,000; Parcel 5 - $385,000; Parcel 6 - $75,000
Description: 1,761 Acres northwest of Hayes Center, Nebraska; includes 5 center pivots, rangeland and CRP. Offered at Public Auction, Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 1 PM CT; Hayes County Fairgrounds in Hayes Center, Nebraska.

Located 8 miles west and 2 north from Hayes Center, all parcels border county roads in T7N-R34W, Hayes County, Nebraska.


This cash sale requires a 15% earnest deposit at signing of the Purchase Agreement immediately following the Auction. The balance of the purchase price is payable in certified funds at Closing, April 8, 2017. There is no contingency for financing. Sellers will convey title by Warranty Deed; with Title Insurance evidencing merchantable title. Cost of the Title Insurance and an Insured Closing by the Title Company will be shared 50/50 by Seller/Buyer. Property sells subject to easements, rights-of-way, zoning, and restrictions of record; Free and clear of all liens. The property sells in “as-is” condition; No warranty is expressed or implied as to the adequacy of any portion of the property, irrigation wells or irrigation equipment. This is an Absolute Auction.

Legal Description:

See Brochure for Full Legal Descriptions

Possession: Full possession at Closing.

Reported acreages were obtained from the County USDA-FSA office, and County Assessor. The farm sells without regard to acres. No warranty is expressed or implied as to exact acres. The legal descriptions are subject to existing fence/field boundaries.

Seller: Farm Credit Services of America

The farm sells in parcels at Absolute Auction. In the Middle Republican NRD, all Certified acres have 17.18 inches water for 2017. Parcels 1-3 include 527.3 acres corn base @ 120 bu.; 127.5 acres wheat base @ 42 bu. Parcel 4 includes 172.7 acres corn, 41.7 acres wheat base. Title Insurance Commitment, Purchase Agreement, and information is available from Agri Affiliates.

Parcel 1 : Southwest portions of Section 21; assessed as 252 acres, 2016 taxes $5,540. 206 acres pivot irrigated, 46 acres rangeland corners. Well G-037225 at 1,200 gpm, 172 ft pumping level; US Electric 150 hp motor, WLR pump, 11 tower newer Zimmatic pivot. 214 Certified Irrigated Acres. Soils 32% Class II; 68% Class IV sands.

Parcel 2 : NE1/4, N1/2NW1/4, SE1/4NW1/4, NE1/4SW1/4, N1/2SE1/4 Section 29 except 2 acre tower site; assessed as 399 acres, 2016 taxes $8,433. Has 263.3 acres pivot irrigated, 136 acres rangeland & corners. Well G-039429 at 1,600 gpm, 254 ft pumping level; US Electric 250 hp motor, Johnston pump, 15 tower Zimmatic pivot - Reinke control panel. 285 Certified Irrigated Acres. Soils 18% Class II; 82% Class IV sands.

Parcel 3 : NW1/4 Section 28; assessed as 164 acres, 2016 taxes $3,737. 125.9 acres pivot irrigated, 38 acres rangeland corners. Well G-056526 at 950 gpm, 210 ft pumping level; US Electric 125 hp motor, Sargent pump, 10 tower T&L hydraulic pivot. 137 Certified Irrigated Acres. Soils 40% Class II; 60% Class IV sands.

Parcel 4 : W1/2 Section 27; assessed as 319 acres, 2016 taxes $7,684. 253 acres pivot irrigated, 66 acres rangeland corners. Well G-037226 at 1,200 gpm, 293 ft pumping level; Newman 250 hp motor, WLR pump, Two 10 tower Zimmatic pivots - Valley controls. 260 Certified Irrigated Acres. Soils 20% Class II&III; 80% Class IV sands.

Parcel 5 : Section 21 except pivot irrigated and building site, plus NE1/4 Section 28 except building site; assessed as 548 acres, 2016 taxes $3,378. All native rangeland with 5 water sites - this rangeland does not have a source of livestock water for the pipeline.

Parcel 6 : N1/2NW1/4 Section 5; assessed as 79 acres, 2016 taxes $930. With 28.5 acres in two CRP contracts, total annual payment $1,381 both ending in 2018. 50.5 acres prior CRP in excellent, level grass. 73% Class II soils, 27% Class IV. Very nice recreation property!

The property sells in separate parcels, without combination.