Hutt Farm

  • Irrigated Cropland
    River Accretion

Notice: SOLD - $780,000
Description: Property contains irrigated cropland with Meadow, Pasture & River Accretion.

Located along the banks of the Loup River, approximately 2 miles north of Comstock, or 8 miles southeast of Sargent, Nebraska. Access is provided by paved Comstock Road.

Legal Description:

N110 Rods S1/2; S1/2 NW1/4 Section 27; and Lots 1 and 4, plus railroad right-of-way, and Lot 5 and part of Lot 8 all in Section 28; T19N-R17W of the 6th P.M., Custer County, Nebraska

Acres: 396.57
Taxes: 2020 RE Taxes - $7,534.52
Property Description:

The Custer County Assessor indicates a total of 396.57 tax assessed acres. Farm consists of gravity irrigated cropland with sub-irrigated meadow, pasture, and Loup River accretion.

Farm Service Agency Information:

Total Cropland - 96.02 Acres. Government Base Acres - Corn, 78.1 acres w/PLC yield of 128 bu/acre. Soybeans, 3.9 acres w/PLC yield of 48 bu/acre. All cropland is considered non-highly erodible by the NRCS.

Irrigation Information:

Water for irrigation is provided by 98 acres of surface water rights from the Middle Loup Public Power & Irrigation District. Farm is also located in the Lower Loup Natural Resource District, and has a total of 95.0 certified irrigated acres.

Livestock Water:

Livestock water provided by a well equipped with a windmill.
Well Registration - G106580 Completion Date - 5/9/2000 at 8 gpm
Well Depth - 60’ Static Water Level - 6’ Pumping Level - 10’
Column - 1”

Lease Information:

Farm sells subject to a cash lease which terminates March 1, 2021. Contact Broker for lease information.