Kenesaw Half Section

  • Irrigated Cropland
    Non-Irrigated Cropland

Notice: SOLD - $1,800,000
Description: Productive, center-pivot irrigated and non-irrigated row crop farm with strong water and quality soils. This farm also has a small amount of pasture and substantial windbreaks that are great for wintering livestock or for residential development.

From Kenesaw, Nebraska: 2 miles west on W. 42nd Street in northwestern Adams County, Nebraska.

Legal Description:

The North Half (N 1/2) of Section Thirty-One (31), Township Eight (8) North, Range Twelve (12) West of the 6th P.M., Adams County, Nebraska, less exception in southeast corner [311.95 estimated tax-assessed acres].

Acres: 311.95
Taxes: Estimated 2020 Taxes - $12,396.49
Natural Resources District:

Little Blue Natural Resources District. This parcel contains 124.03 certified irrigated acres and is subject to the rules and regulations of the NRD.


Primarily Kenesaw silt loams with slopes ranging from 1-6%.


Subject to a cash rent lease for the 2021 growing season.

Irrigation Information:

Well Registration: G-166268
Completion Date: 10/10/2012
Well Depth: 200 feet
Static Water Level: 82 feet
Pumping Level: 97 feet
Column: 8 inches
Gallons/Minute: 800 gpm
Flowmeter: McCrometer
Electric Motor: US Motors 60hp
Pump: Fairbanks
Pivot: 8-tower T-L

FSA Information:

Total Farmland: 303.81 acres (estimated)
Total Cropland: 245.77 acres

Government Base Acres:
Wheat - 84.50
Corn - 72.30
Grain Sorghum - 46.90
Soybeans - 6.80

PLC Yields:
Wheat - 34
Corn - 160
Grain Sorghum - 63
Soybeans - 52