Lodgepole Rangeland

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    Irrigated Cropland
    Non-Irrigated Cropland

Notice: SOLD! - $865,000
Description: Lodgepole Rangeland includes excellent productivity, fence and livestock water. The North Unit sustained a range fire in early March 2020, destroying several miles of fence along US#30. The near new AI facility allows for semen collection, artificial insemination on a mass scale, collection of donor cows and transfer of either fertilized eggs or embryos.

Lodgepole Rangeland is located just east of Lodgepole, west of Chappell in southeastern portions of the Nebraska panhandle. Very good access is provided by US#30 and by I-80. The “North” Unit is north of US#30;

Legal Description:

North Parcel: That part of Sections 2&3 north of US#30-T13N-R46W; S1/2SW1/4, NW1/4SW1/4, SW1/4SE1/4 Section 26; All Sections 27&28; All Section 33 north of US#30; All Sections 34&35-T14N-R46W West of the 6th P.M. in Deuel County, Nebraska.

Land Use - North Unit:

The acres north of US#30 include 399 acres dryland cropland along the north boundary and 4,003 acres rangeland. Rangeland is cross-fenced into 5 pastures with 7 water sites from submersible wells. The improvement site includes 65 acres in pens.

Cropland - North Unit:

Road 24 on the north boundary provides excellent access to the cropland. Soils are 50% Class II, 40% Class III dryland. FSA Base & Yield: 123.5 acres Wheat @ 36 bu

Rangeland - North Unit:

Terrain is mostly gently rolling, treeless with good visibility. The south boundary includes new fence along US#30.

Acres/Taxes - North Unit:

4,467 tax assessed, deeded acres; estimated 2019 taxes payable 2020 are $25,000.

Price - North Unit:

North Unit $3,100,000

Improvements - North Unit:

The North Unit includes excellent steel, welded pipe working and feeding facilities attached to the AI facility. Feeding pens include concrete bunk/apron, welded pipe pens at the bunk, plus long grass pens with electric fencing. The AI building is first class with full concrete floor, hot house, two alleys with chutes. This facility was designed for all functions of artificial breeding: semen, eggs or embryo collection; insemination & embryo transfer; feeding preparation of donor and recipient cows.

Land Use - South Unit UNDER CONTRACT:

The 2,819 acres south of I-80 are entirely rangeland, fenced into 5 pastures with 8 water sites. This parcel includes a good set of corrals.

Rangeland - South Unit UNDER CONTRACT:

Terrain is gently undulating, treeless; with corrals and truck loadout. Roads 10 and 159 provide access to the south and east boundary.

Acres/Taxes - South Unit UNDER CONTRACT:

2,819 tax assessed, deeded acres; estimated 2019 taxes payable 2020 are $16,000.

Improvements - South unit UNDER CONTRACT:



This state-of-the-art facility includes full concrete floor, excellent overhead lighting, with lab or hot house. The curved cattle tub leads to two alleys and chutes, each designed for specific work related to artificial insemination of cattle. Outside facilities are excellent welded pipe chutes, pens, alleys. 18 individual pens to the northwest each include 200 foot concrete bunk with the automatic waterers in the fenceline.
Semen collection, donor cow collection, artificial insemination, embryo transfer available here.