Bonnie Downing, ARA

Real Estate Sales

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Accredited Rural Appraiser (ARA)
Nebraska Certified General Appraiser

Bachelor of Science from Chardon State College 1988; Business Marketing, Management and Banking

USPAP: Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal: Residential Report Writing: Fundamentals of Rural Appraisal (A10): Principles of Rural Appraisal (A20): Advanced Rural Appraisal (A30): Eminent Domain (A25): Highest and Best Use (A29): Narrative Appraisal Report Writing (ALL-215): Income Capitalization: Appraising Agricultural Lands in Transition: Principles of Real Estate: ETHICS – ASFMRA Code of Ethics: UASFLA – Requirements of UASFLA – The ‘Yellow Book’: Advanced Income Cap: General Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use (A290): Advanced Rural Case Studies (A400): Real Estate Finance Statistics and Valuation Modeling: Advanced Approaches to Value for Rural Appraisal (A300): Appraising Natural Resources: Integrated Approaches to Value (A304): Regression Analysis Uses in Appraisal: Cost Estimating: Cost Approach Applications: Income Approach Applications: Rural Sales Analysis and Confirmation: Understanding and Using Comparable Transactions: Excel for Appraisers: Western Ranch Appraisal Symposium: Ag Land Management Seminar: Sales Comparison Methodology: Enhancing Appraisal Practice: The Professional Appraiser: Investment Analysis for Income Properties: Foundations of Appraisal Review (A600): Valuation of Conservations Easements and Other Partial Interest in Real Estate (A315): Nebraska Supervisory Appraiser and Trainee Appraiser Training: Best in Business Ethics: Understanding Conservation Easement Valuation: Introduction to Cannabis Operation and Valuation: Farmland Drainage Tile: Valuation and Usage: Alternative Investments Seminar Agriculture as an Asset: Valuation of Lifestyle and Trophy Properties: Practical Application of Equivalency Ratios: Agricultural Chattel Valuation: Appraising Ag Facilities Swine Confinement Seminar: Key Issues of Grain Elevator Valuation:

I perform in excess of 50 appraisals per year. The size of properties appraised ranges from less than 160 acres to over 50,000 acres, specializing in large ranch appraisals. The complexity of the appraisals ranges from single land uses to large complicated assignments. These appraisals include a wide variety of intended uses including; litigation, estate valuation, lending, and annual corporate valuations.

2021 – Present: Agri Affiliates, Inc., performing agricultural real estate appraisals.

2008 to 2021: Farm Credit Services of America, performing agricultural and rural residential acreage real estate appraisals and chattel appraisals.

2003 to 2008: H-D Management Co, performing agricultural real estate appraisals.

1988 to present: Co-Owner/Operator of large diversified Sandhills Ranch. Responsible for cow/calf and yearling operation, management, marketing, budgeting and human resources supervisor.

Nebraska Certified General Appraiser
South Dakota Certified General Appraiser
Kansas Certified General Appraiser

Accredited Member of the Nebraska Chapter and National American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers “ASFMRA”; Earned Designation as Accredited Rural Appraiser (ARA) in 2011; Past Member of Nebraska Chapter ASFMRA Board of Directors and Past President; Board member on the Nebraska Real Property Appraiser Board representing the 3rd Congressional District; Board member on the Board of Education Lands; Past Member and President of the Sandhills Cattle Association Board of Directors; Nebraska LEAD Class of 32 Graduate; Past Elder of Evangelical Presbyterian Church