Real Estate Appraisal Services

Today’s agricultural real estate market requires timely, accurate information that will allow you to make sound business decisions. Agri Affiliates is ready to provide this information through our farm and ranch appraisal service. We have the market knowledge, seasoned experience, and the attention to detail necessary to provide precise appraisals. Our knowledge and experience will produce an accurate, detailed opinion of the current market value of your property. We are specialists in farm and ranch real estate.

Appraisals prepared by Agri Affiliates are completed under the specific guidelines of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA). Information is presented in a manner that is thorough, yet easy to understand. Agri Affiliates utilizes the latest in computer systems to catalog and analyze comparable sales.

Many appraisals prepared by Agri Affiliates have been submitted into court testimony, and have withstood the test. Our appraisers are licensed according to state and federal guidelines. Each appraiser must meet the continuing education requirements of both the State and the ASFMRA. Our appraisers will work closely with your CPA, Attorney, Banker, or other representative. When you need a farm or ranch appraisal, you need an appraisal by Agri Affiliates.

Real Estate appraisals are useful in:

  • Estate Planning
  • Financing
  • Sale or Purchase
  • Estate Settlement
  • Property Partition
  • Ownership Decisions

A Guide To Appraisal Of Agricultural Real Estate