Parcel 1 - South Well
Parcel 1 - North Well

Friend Farm & Recreation

  • Range/Pastureland
    Irrigated Cropland

Notice: SOLD - $1,700,000.00
Description: This is a highly productive tract of land with abundant water, excellent soils, and turn-key irrigation equipment. It is located in a highly-competitive farming community known for its strong markets and opportunities to raise high-value, specialty crops. Adjacent to the cropland is a well developed recreational parcel providing limitless hunting, fishing, and recreational opportunities.

2 miles west and 1¼ miles north of Friend, Nebraska, at the intersection of County Road 300 and County Road C in Northwestern Saline County, Nebraska.

Legal Description:

The Southwest Quarter (SW ¼) and the West Half of the Southeast Quarter (W ½ SE ¼) of Section Nine (9), Township Eight (8) North, Range One (1) East of the 6th P.M., Saline County, Nebraska[240.56 tax-assessed acres]

Acres: 240.56
Property Price:

Parcels 1 & 2 (Combination): $1,800,000.00
Parcel 1: $1,551,000.00
Parcel 2: $249,000.00

Natural Resource District:

Upper Big Blue Natural Resource District


Primarily Hastings silt loam, with slopes ranging from 1-3%.


Parcel 1: Estimated 2019 Taxes — $14,478.49
Parcel 2: Estimated 2019 Taxes — $1,207.09


No lease, and buyer can obtain immediate possession at closing.

Irrigation Info (Parcel 1 - North Well):

Well Registration: G-032246
Well Depth: 305 feet
Pumping Level: 85 feet
Gallons/Minute: 800 gpm
Completion Date: 12/20/1969
Static Water Level: 80 feet
Column: 8 inches
Pump: Layne & Bowler
Pivot: 2011 7-tower Reinke
Gearhead: Amarillo 80hp, 1:1 (New in 2017)
Motor: JD 6-cylinder diesel with 2,000 gallon tank

Irrigation Info (Parcel 1 - South Well):

Well Registration: G-072400
Well Depth: 297 feet
Pumping Level: 110 feet
Gallons/Minute: 900 gpm
Completion Date: 5/10/1989
Static Water Level: 82 feet
Column: 8 inches
Pump: Western Landroller (New in 2018)
Pivot: 2012 8-tower Reinke & corner arm
Gearhead: Amarillo 100hp, 1:1
Motor: JD 6-cylinder diesel with 1,000 gallon tank


3-phase electricity is available on south-side of the farm.

A 9-tower Lockwood pivot is on the east side of the farm and is fed with water from east neighbor’s well and waters the southeast pivot corner. Northeast pivot corner is watered by a different pivot and same well owned by east neighbor.

Both Reinke pivots equipped with remote monitoring systems.

FSA Info (Parcel 1):

Total Farmland: 171.48 acres
Total Cropland: 171.48 acres

Government Base Acres: Corn - 135.67, Soybeans - 40.12
PLC Yields: Corn - 193, Soybeans - 60

FSA Info (Parcel 2):

Total Farmland: 62.79 acres
Total Cropland: 33.67 acres

Government Base Acres: Grain Sorghum - 1.54, Soybeans - 23.36

CRP Contract Info (Parcel 2):

CRP contract expiring 09/30/22. Annual contract payment: $561.00. CRP Acres: 4.98

CRP contract expiring 09/30/26. Annual contract payment: $4,036.00. CRP Acres: 28.69


Parcel 2 - CRP, 3 Ponds, Trees, & Creek.

Tremendous wildlife habitat! North pond was stocked (2012-2013) with largemouth bass (up to 20”), catfish (up to 32”) & bluegill (up to 10”), and a second pond has bullheads & minnows. A third pond attracts wood ducks, occasional migratory birds and turtles. The property also offers a ½ mile of Johnson Creek. Abundant whitetail deer, pheasant, quail, turkey, and an occasional bobcat. (An arrangement with a nearby farmer maintains pond level during drought years).